Here at Forex Midas, we provide a Professional Financial Planning, Investment Advisory and Wealth Management services Forex solutions and training to individuals and families. Our aim is to help you realize your financial goals by understanding your unique needs, identifying and educating you on all the options available so you can make fully informed decisions.

With this complete solution, we can help you clearly identify, quantify your unique goals, understand your current situation and develop effective strategies to achieve your goals. We research and recommend solutions to your needs and educate you on all the options available in a transparent manner. With professional risk profiling, diversification, asset allocation and risk management, your financial plan is developed improved and implemented.

This applies to any individual or family, no matter what your age, income or wealth is. Your goals can be saving for child’s education and marriage, buying a home or car, retirement planning or just investing to grow wealth.

The advice we give is trusted, honest, and focused on what is best for you. We are dedicated working only for you. This means we recommend only the best-suited products, no matter how simple or complex it is, and show you ways to eliminate unwanted commissions and hidden fees.

We do not represent or sell products from any bank, mutual fund or insurance company. We have the freedom to research, analyze, and recommend any product or solution available in India that suits your unique needs and which offers the best value and take time to understand your unique challenges and goals and provide solutions tailored to you. We maintain a one-to-one relationship with you and monitor the implementation and progress of the plan.

A bank, mutual fund or insurance agent will recommend only products they offer and educate you about its benefits. It may not necessarily mean it is the best product for you. The best solution for you can be identified only when all offerings in the market are compared in an unbiased manner. Here at GD financial solution planner has the tools and resources to do that and identify the best investment solution for you.

The client relationship with product distributors and salesmen is often impersonal as they focus on sales and do not take time to understand your unique needs. You also most likely had people selling you investments or insurance policies, later changing jobs or losing contact with you. A financial planner builds strong long-term client relationships and works with your unique needs, one-to-one.We also assure to provide a strong trustworthy financial planning to gain financial freedom.